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Trekking in Lalibela

Sites you visit during your trekking tour around Lalibela

Sites you visit during your trekking tour in and around Lalibela.

Starting point of your trekking tour is Lalibela, in the northern highlands of Ethiopia, famous for its 11 rock-cut churches.

One can say that every tourist who decides to visit our country comes here and sees these quite remarkable and also strange monolithic, semi-monolithic and cave 'buildings, churches of Lalibela' which still leave the scientists puzzled about their possible creation process and are therefore often called the 8th wonder of the world. The style of the excavation is unique: most of the churches are below ground level. Roha - Lalibelas old name - is around 800 years old and after Axum the second holiest city in Ethiopia...

Abune Yosef is the massif on top of the mountains of LASTA around and above Lalibela.

This absolutely stunning spot on earth is a highly endangered ecosystem with a complex mosaic of bush-/woodland, montane dry forests, afro-alpine grasslands and evergreen forests, which can be described as a savannah landscape. It gives at least 43 mammal species a home, more than 221 bird species are found there (from which are 9 marked as threatened species) and the landscape is just truly breathtaking...

Yemrehane Kristos is a church, situated on 2660m above sea level.


It is a particularly fine example of an Axumite building, 45km away from Lalibela, 1,5h by 4WD or a 7h hike.

Yemrehane Kristos is an unusual church for our region because it’s NOT excavated. The façade was built from alternating wood with stone layers...

This monastery is situated at 3150m. The church treasures parchment old books, icons and crosses. It is believed that it is the first work of King Lalibela...

(Redeemer of the world in Makina)

Mekina Medhane Alem is a built up cave church; the decorated interior displays geometric patterns and many old paintings. The church was built in the 6th century. Although an example of Axumite wood and stone construction, the church exhibits a unique modification: polished wall sections of leveled-off rubble between layers of dressed blocks of reddish tuff...

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Abune Yosef
Yimrehanne Kristos
Asheten Mariam
Emekina Medhane Alem
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