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Most of our photos are from Ute Haufe

Highland Eco Trekking is a fully licensed and registered Ethiopian private tour and travel company.

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There are 3 different options for your accommodation during the trekking with us:
  • 1.You can choose to sleep in Abune Yosef Eco Lodge; which are round traditional stone huts called TUKUL. Each hut is equipped with two rather large mattresses.

  • 2.You can spend your nights sharing the houses of your guest family, right in the way how they sleep, on a second 'floor' above the animals, in beds made out of leaves and hay.

  • 3.For the lovers of crawling in and out tents - no worries, also this is possible, but colder than the other options.    The traveler from far (you) will always be greeted with a foot massage and every night there will be a warm bonfire lit right underneath the overwhelming shine of the stars to which you are now much closer than normally - it will be hard to turn your eyes away from that 'sea of lights'.

Abune Yoef Eco Lodge
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