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Highland Trekking Tours Ethiopia

Our 'Woyzerit Ethiopia'-'Mother Ethiopia'- is beating in our hearts.
We love our motherland and are proud to understand you are interested to discover it.


You will see- It's pure, sometimes raw uniqueness inevitably touches everybody who spends time here.
Ancient traditions still strongly shape the land, the people- their understanding of life and death.
Visiting Ethiopia will easily bring you into situations which make you think you just turned the wheel of a time machine.

The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, incredible, mind-and heart-opening, actually hard to put it all into a few words only!


So Highland Eco Trekking Tours invite you: Come and see, experience and plant a piece of Ethiopia into your heart too!


We are a governmental acknowledged tour operator, doing this for more than 10 years, having had many clients from all over the world as well as from Ethiopia itself.
We are known for our custom-tailored trips, which are adjusted to your ideas.
Combined with our experience we can offer you trips you wont forget.
As we all know: Tourism is both- good and bad, therefore our attention is also absolutely set on respecting the fragile environment and the local culture.


Our hikes take place in the conserved and undiscovered areas of Mount Abune Yosef (Lalibela region), the very famous Simien Mountains National Park, the rarely visited Bale Mountains, the famous Tigray churches region, the Danakil Depression, Omo Valley.
All the world-famous spots like Lalibela churches, the monastery islands of Lake Tana,all sights in Addis Abeba, coffee- plantages in the west, visiting the tribes in the south and whatever you have in mind to discover are on the list es well.
Apart from our guided tours we also can take care of your inland flight tickets, reservations of hotels, renting a car with driver, taking care of entrance fees…


You are very welcome to tell us about your plans and ideas- let's get in contact and see what we can do for you!

Trekking Tours

Adventure Awaits

.As very well experienced Eco tour guides we have worked hard to make sure our tours are everything but run of the mill.

Choose and design your own private tour or join one of our group options.

If you are not sure which one to pick, call or e-mail us, we work out a custom-tailored trip, crafted to your needs, interests and budget.


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Contact Us

Highland Eco Trekking Tours, Shimberema, near Maribela Hotel, Lalibela, Ethiopia  |  Tel: +251-912-130-831


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Highland Eco Trekking is a fully licensed and registered Ethiopian private tour and travel company.

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