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Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa -translated the ‘new flower’- is the truly uprising and very fast growing capital of Ethiopia, right in the heart of the country.
Home to around 4 million people, head quarter of the African Union, right next to the Great Rift
Valley, the thirds highest Capital of the world, after Lesotho the second highest capital of Africa,
owning the largest free open air market in east Africa with more then 13.000 working people there, home of some of the continents most important museums, it is a lively, fast moving, full of life and fresh ideas city- co-existing with a great and interesting combination of strong, centuries-old traditions, leaving you sometimes speechless, amazed, surprised, overwhelmed and puzzled.
Addis, the biggest city in the country, was founded in 1886 by Taytu Betul, wife of emperor
Menelik II.
Take a stroll through this sometimes breathtaking fast city- best with a city-tour since the public
transport is for brave, adventurous seeking people with lots of time, being open-minded about the ends of a self organized transport.
Come face to face with your 3.2 million year old ancestor Dinkinesh, or known as Lucy in the
western world, to be found in the NATIONAL MUSEUM, along with a rich collection and
fascinating collection of insignia of emperor and churches, costumes and weapons.
In the ETHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM of Addis you are in for a great introduction about the
country's culture, nature, history, and plant resources.
The way the informations are displayed focuses in the life cycle - from Birth to Death.
Some private rooms of Emperor Haile Sellassie I. can be visited too since they museum used to be his palace.
His and his wifes Menen Asfaw’ remains as well as hero’s of the Ethiopian history are buried in the HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL.
This cathedral is the second most important place of worship in the whole of Ethiopia, after the
Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum. It is the biggest and most splendid church in the whole country.
A big part of the national history is the horrible ruling of the military junta called the Derg-Regime for 13 years.
In the RED TERROR MUSEUM you will find displays of torture instruments, skulls and bones,
coffins, bloody clothes and photographs of victims for your understanding of this time during the 70 and 80ies.
Get lost in MERKATO- a part of Addis where you can get lost easily and where you can find all
you need or do not.
This open air market covers a space of several square kilometers, being filled with more than 7100 businesses.
In the evening you should not miss 2 things: a beautiful sunset over the city form the nearby
ENTOTO MOUNTAINS, being the place where Addis very first settling's are to be found.
Here is also still the original Menelik palace.
Second during nights in Addis: do not miss a overwhelming JAZZ-experience in one of the world famous JAZZ CLUBS!

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