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Once magnificent residence of kings and emperors – the palace was built 1632 by emperor Fasilides- is still remains today with it’s charming atmosphere, sat in a absolutely beautiful landscape.
Surrounded by perfectly kept gardens in an European style, ringed by a strong 900m long city-wall with 12 gates, different rulers added to it’s 7000squaremeters complex of castles.
Gondar also hosts one of the most colourful and nicely painted churches of the country- the DEBRA BERHAN SELASSIE CHURCH.
There is almost no space without paintings, thousands and thousands of typical Ethiopian angels cover the church’s walls.
Gondar and the bath of Fasilides are the most important places for the celebration of Timkat.
In 1979 Gondar was announced a World Heritage Site.

From Gondar it is quite easy to access the Simiens Mountains.

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